Bramha Kumari Shivani shares insights into spirituality and leadership for young Indian leaders in UK

The second edition of the India Youth Leadership Conclave organised by the National Indian Students and Alumni Union, UK (NISAU) was celebrated in London on June 22.

Commemorating the spirit of International Yoga Day on 21 June, NISAU welcomed spiritual leader BK Shivani to talk about the meaning of leadership, success and spirituality. Advisor to the Chief Minister of Delhi Mr Gopal Mohan, hospitality magnet Mr Ramesh Arora, the European Director of the Bramha Kumaris, Sister Jayanti and other dignitaries graced the event which also saw participation from student and youth leaders from all over the UK.

The event brought together leading young Indian minds living in the UK under one roof to discuss spirituality, leadership and global citizenship. The sessions were designed to discuss the qualities imbibed by true leaders, and covered a spectrum of topics ranging from global challenges like climate change and increasing polarisation in the world; global solutions like the increased interest taken by millennials in addressing these challenges through focus on ESG investing, meditation and Rajyoga.

BK Shivani also emphasised on the importance of digital detox, consuming the correct “emotional diet” and spending time with oneself.

Gopal Mohan congratulated NISAU on being the home away from home for Indian students and commented on the ability of India’s youth the change India’s future if they are shown the right path; “Almost 70% of India’s population is youth and if they follow the right path, they can exponentially improve the future of our country”.

The NISAU team

Student leaders had travelled from all corners of the UK to participate in this interactive event, including Manchester, Wales, London, Scotland and Birmingham. Picking up on this interest in spirituality, Sister Jayanti explained how the world was in a transitionary stage, demonstrated by young people being increasingly drawn to spirituality and a way of life in tune with nature.

Sanam Arora, founder and chairperson of NISAU, moderated the interactive session and closed the event by remarking “we have all learnt a great deal from Sister Jayanti and Sister Shivani that will help us all develop better leadership qualities, ultimately improving the lives of those around us. Giving back to society, Diversity & Inclusion and Vasudheva Kutumbakam are fundamental values of NISAU and we are lucky to have teachings of these great personalities to guide our vision and show us the path to making the world a better place for all of us”.

Nabanita Das

Nabanita is the Media officer at the National Indian Students and Alumni Union UK. She is presently studying journalism in the UK.