Smita is a multi-cultural freelance journalist, writer, and filmmaker based out of the US, London, Hong Kong, and India. Global Indian Stories is her brain-child. Created to chronicle diaspora stories written by Indians of all age groups, from different walks of life across the globe, Smita makes sure that the platform remains inclusive and positive.
Jonathan has a varied history, having written for publications such as Asian Woman but also technical magazines such as Networking+. He also has a background in IT so he's been instrumental in the technical side of getting Global Indian Stories launched. As co-founder, he also keeps writing, sub-editing, and handling the social media.


We are a web magazine that promotes story-telling and improved literacy to aid the Indian and South Asian community, encouraging them to raise their voices by getting published with us. This is a free service, and by connecting the growing 13 million Non-Resident-Indian diaspora across the globe to their 1.5 billion Indian counterparts, through a digital medium that knows no boundaries, we aim to increase diversity, inclusivity, and encourage social mobility.

We intend to get diaspora stories published for the advancement of education and community development. We mentor and encourage contributing writers from all walks of life, and with a pool of over 150 writers, aged between 9 years to 90, ours is a truly unique platform by the people, designed to benefit them.

So, over time, the website will become a chronicle of Indian stories, a go-to website for unique Indian stories written by the people themselves. With a growing interest in India, stories of relevance to Indians is a niche market, but is something that is often not touched by the mainstream of host countries, even though there is a lot of dynamism and work in this area. We provide the platform and connect Indians across the world.


Our USP is that we offer an open platform. We do not cover only events or people in the news. We encourage contributing writers from all walks of life to share their stories with us, while we train them to produce interesting, inspirational tales for their communities and generations. So this website is for the people, and the content is driven by them.

However, we do not encourage people to promote hate speech, or sexism, or anything abusive or negative but share the best of humanity. The mainstream media sells its magazines by covering disasters and violence, which sadly attracts large numbers of viewers. We believe we can do the same for positive stories. It shouldn’t have to be about sensationalism or click bait news.

This platform has benefitted many small businesses, single mothers, smaller charities, students, aspiring writers, etc. We cover common topics, such as movies and music, but also personal stories of any scale. We do not encourage hate, or negativity of any sorts. Inspiration can come from a popular spiritual leader or a local person following their dreams or helping their community.


We are always open to new writers and stories. So, if you have a story you’d like to share then please get in touch. You don’t need to write a whole piece, just give us an overview of what you have in mind.

Being a not-a-profit platform is challenging, we still have to find funds in order to be able to run the invaluable service we provide. We welcome donations of any value. If you are a business then maybe you could consider paying for an advertorial as part of your outreach or buy some advertising space, all at nominal charges. We value all the support you can offer.