Freedom is to fly like a bird upon the sky.
Freedom is to climb the mountain so high.
Freedom is to be free and do whatever you want,
Freedom is to write freely, using any desired font.

Freedom is to fight courageously for your nation,
Freedom is to provide every unlettered education.
Freedom is here to free you after being trapped for all those years,
Freedom is here for you to celebrate and say cheers.

Freedom is to find eternity within your soul,
Freedom is to let your dreams go out of your control.
Freedom is to let you say anything and let you speak,
Freedom is to let you find anything and let you seek.

Freedom is here for you to be with anyone you want to be,
Freedom is here to let you wander off and see,
Freedom is everyone’s, throughout time,
Freedom can’t buy you anything, only let you shine.

Ira Datta

Ira is an eleven-year-old Year 7 student studying in Hong Kong.  A swimmer, ballet dancer and avid iPhone addict among other talents, Ira's latest passion is baking. She runs a small online Slime shop and is constantly thinking of new things to do outside the box.