About Us

Global Indian Stories is a web magazine full of stories about Indians across the globe. The portal was launched specifically to help Indians, both resident (1.5 billion) and non-resident (30 million), to share their stories with their communities and around the world through this webzine.

We aim to help increase literacy by supporting and encouraging writers, especially those who have never been published before, hopefully leading to a greater sense of national identity with their compatriots and increased social mobility.

Getting published can lead to greater recognition, boosted confidence, and potentially new opportunities for our contributors. Our contributing writers have been 9 year-olds to 90 year-olds. Professionals, academics, students and even simple home-makers.

The webzine showcases reports and stories of the progressive Indian clan, global leaders, and professionals who are making a difference to the world.

Contact Us

While this is a not for profit platform, we still need some funds to run it. So if you have a story you’d like to share, or perhaps you’d like to support the cause, or buy some advertising then please get in touch.

Contact: smita@globalindianstories.org