Tales from the lockdown

From the minds of Samar and Ashish Hingorani come a collection of stories that follow three characters adapting to the new “normal” in these days of coronavirus. The illustrations are by Lakshmi Hingorani. Enjoy.

NOTE: the controls to move back and forth through the pages are at the bottom of each page.

Tales from the lockdown ppt edited 31st july
Samar Hingorani

Samar Hingorani is an eight-year-old, Year 3 student, studying in Mumbai, India. He loves sports, especially basketball and plays for the school team. He enjoys playing basketball with his dad every night and arranges all family game nights with limitless rounds of Uno. His dream is to play college basketball and then in the NBA.

Lakshmi Hingorani

Lakshmi Hingorani is a Pathologist at Bhatia Hospital, Mumbai. She enjoys writing about her areas of interest, in medicine and health technology. A sci-fi junkie and Trekkie at heart, she also embraces her creative side with small home projects in graphic design, arts and crafts. She spends most days trying not to laugh at the insane antics of the two boys in her life, her husband Ashish, and their eight-year-old son, Samar.

Ashish Hingorani

Ashish Hingorani is the Proprietor of Avenue Sound India, an automation and audio- video installation company based in Mumbai. Raised in Houston, Texas and a UT Austin graduate, Ashish moved to India in 2008 to pursue business opportunities in Mumbai. He is passionate about his work and loves playing basketball with his eight-year-old son, Samar.