Global Indian Stories – Top 10 stories so far

Global Indian Stories is back! We’ve moved our website onto a bigger, faster server and changed our domain to to better represent our ethos of being a non-profit organisation. Our goals are unchanged. We still aim to help increase literacy by supporting and encouraging writers, especially those who have never been published before, hopefully leading to a greater sense of national identity with their compatriots and increased social mobility.

Over the years, we’ve had a great variety of articles. If you’re wondering where to start then how about checking out this list of our top 10 most popular stories.

  1. Havas Guruhi: When Music Crosses Borders
  2. Krishna in the land of Islam – a story of two devotees and their unfaltering faith in him
  3. The pride in overcoming body shaming
  4. Lockdown Diaries: Restauranteur Chinten Pandya supports NHS workers and the needy with free Indian meals
  5. Vikram Hazra’s UK tour 2019: Taking Indian devotional music to the global platform
  6. Rhona Tasmia Rabbani – The bright, young FedEx-pert of the APAC region
  7. Rahul Nangare, First Secretary (Trade) – a tenure of protecting heritage and championing diasporas
  8. Parin Somani – a life dedicated to others
  9. Lockdown Diaries: Bamboo House India supports waste pickers, daily wage earners with continued livelihood and aid
  10. The first Maharashtra Divas celebrated at HCI London

Jonathan has a varied history, having written for publications such as Asian Woman but also technical magazines such as Networking+. He also has a background in IT so he's been instrumental in the technical side of getting Global Indian Stories launched. As co-founder, he also keeps writing, sub-editing, and handling the social media.